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Tactile Technologies was established in 2001. Our core focus was and still is professional touch screen technology. We have expanded our portfolio throughout the years and now offer touch technology, auto-id and payment solutions. We assist our customers needing quality hardware platforms for their professional applications. Approach us for touch screen monitors, tablets, mini-pos units, hand held and fixed scanners, PDAs as well as scanning engines.

Power Your Business Through Touch Screen Technology

Touch screens are the state-of-the-art technologies used by just about every electronic device nowadays. Touch screens are elegantly simple to use, convenient, easy to maintain and very conservative on space, which makes them the ideal choice for the full spectrum of business and professional industries. Restaurants, doctor’s offices, hospitals, supermarkets, client services, gaming, banks, and infinitely more… wherever there’s a need to communicate or log/access information, there is the opportunity for touch screen technology to…

15" FEC AerPPC PP9635

Featuring Intel® Celeron® J1900 quad-core CPU, the fan-less 15” AerPPC series is the perfect POS and KIOSK solution.

The entire POS component is built into the display unit, making this a perfect standalone product or a part of sophisticated solution. Inheriting the modular design of the AerPOS family, add-on devices can be upgraded at any time.

High performance tablets for healthcare professionals.

The MioCARE L130/135 series is a highly sophisticated tablet specifically designed for the healthcare environment. Featuring an IP67 ingression-resistant housing that can be wiped with alcohol for infection control and a robust design that’s exceptionally durable, this tablet provides the full spectrum of health professionals with the technological support they need to provide patients with the best possible care. Other features include an integrated 2D barcode scanner, which supports positive patient identification and a hot swap battery, which provides uninterrupted use 24/7.

Check Out Our Product Catalogue

View our selection of touch screen products. Additionally, in the last few years, we have expanded our product range to offer printing and scanning technology. For a variety of applications from POS to logistics, warehousing and industrial manufacturing, we can assist. We also custom manufacture power supplies for any environment.

Tactile Technologies offer touch screen monitors, tablets, Mini-POS units, hand-held scanners, as well as scanning engines and locally approved payment terminals. 

Hardware Development

We make use of fantastic local talent and design skills to fabricate and customize our hardware to suit all our customers’ design needs.

Project Management

We have the design skills, manufacturing facilities and hardware development expertise to create the best product for your business.

Point of Sales Systems:

We supply leading manufacturers and models of Point of Sales systems to help you streamline and optimize your business productivity.
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